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This site served us well for many years but all good things must come to an end. This site will remain up in order for existing members to login to edit the wiki or manage their old accounts.Visit the new site to learn about Ace Monster Toys or become member.

We need more plastic for 3d printing!

We only have a single roll of 1.75mm plastic, and I've been using it all up! So I started a campaign to collect some money to buy some more rolls of plastic. The more money we can collect, the more interesting colors and materials we can get.

Donate Now (if it doesn't work, try hitting reload)

In other news, we had our 2nd official 3d printing night, and it went well, though not quite as busy. We had people working on separately:

* Assembling a foldarap

* Assembling a Makergear Prusa

* Assembling a Mendel Prusa

* Attempting to repair an old Makerbot Cupcake

* 3D printing on the working Makergear Mosaic

3D Printing Night, every other Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Two weeks ago our resident 3d printer addict Al started up a 3D Printer Assembly night, where everyone can come and chat about 3d printers, use our 3d printer, and help Al put together his many partially assembled 3d printers! It was a huge success, and we are about to have another one tomorrow night, Mar 13 7:30-9:30pm. This event is open to all, please stop by and check it out!


AMT Express 6.0 - 8.1.13


NPR Weekend Edition Story on Hacker Scouts and Ace Monster Toys aired today

Hacker Scouts

National Public Radio's program, "Weekend Edition," aired its program on the Hacker Scouts program at AMT today.

You can listen to the content on the page for the story or read it below:

Countless kids have grown up with the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts or Campfire Girls, but for some families, the uniforms and outdoor focus of traditional Scouting groups don't appeal.

In recent months, Scoutlike groups that concentrate on technology and do-it-yourself projects have been sprouting up around the country. They're coed and, like traditional Scouting organizations, award patches to kids who master skills.

Ace Monster Toys is a hacker space in Oakland, Calif., where members share high-tech tools. Normally, grown-ups congregate there, working on electronics or woodworking projects. But two Sundays a month, the place is overrun by 50 kids and their parents for the gatherings of a group called Hacker Scouts.

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NPR Story on AMT Hacker Scouts program!

In September, AMT’s youth program Hacker Scouts was honored to host NPR reporter Jon Kalish at one of our Open Labs. Since he focuses on the DIY movement, Mr. Kalish was curious about how we were serving the next generation of Makers.  He seemed particularly interested in our approach of hands-on skill building and the importance we place on autonomy and choice. He observed and interviewed parents and kids, and finally we get to hear the result!

His story about the Hacker Scouts, the web site and merit badges for young makers will air on “Spark” this weekend. Listen here:

An NPR version is expected to air next weekend or soon thereafter on “Weekend Edition. We will post the link when it’s available.

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Industrial Stuff Sale by our friends at American Steel



The good folks over at American Steel Studios are having a industrial yard sale. Hmmmm, more tools...

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