Makerbots in action

Our space currently has two working Makerbots, which are amazing 3D printers that actually create physical plastic objects from 3D computer designs.

Alice Bob

Here is a little guy I printed, based on our logo:

See our wiki page on Makerbots for technical details, or browse Thingiverse to get an idea of the kinds of things that can be made.

Door Hacking Night

Ever wonder why the front door has given us so much trouble? Wonder no longer. Come and marvel at the considerations involved in building a working door system. Open to members and the public, you'll find out firsthand why implementing electronic access is such a pain in the butt!
This Tuesday's session will revolve around figuring out how to reliably trigger the electronic strike from an arduino without blowing things up. I've got an SSR, an arduino, and a sacrificial netbook, so come on down and watch me release some magic smoke.
Door Hacking
Tuesday, February 1st, 7PM AMT
Open to the public 

New site, new infrastructure

Hey there! You made it! Welcome to the new and improved I (robbiet480) have been working on this all day. Everything is fresh and sparkly. Go ahead and edit the wiki, interact here on the main site, and chat it up in the mailing lists. 


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