Lasercut Lamps

One of AMT's members, Louise, used Smaug the Lasercutter to make some lamps as Christmas gifts the other day. They turned out nicely and I thought that I'd share a picture of them.

Louise's Lasercut Lamps

Good job, Louise!

- Al

Laser engraved cookies

Tonight at the meeting we did some tests of engraving images into cookies...results a little blurry, and burnt cookie flavor in one case...but it's still neat.

Fixit clinic fixes it!

Last saturday the Fixit Clinic came out to Ace Monster Toys and helped people fix their broken things. Among the items fixed were a casette player, roomba, car stereo, and pair of binoculars. Overall the event was a great success, and I think something we'd like to repeat in the future! Check out some more pictures as well.

Ace Monster Toys a success on Make: Live!

Ace Monster Toys was approached recently to appear on Make: Live as part of their "Hackerspace Roadshow." As their page says, Make: Live is a streaming show and tell show from people at Make magazine. Given that I own every issue of Make and, of course, all officers of a hackerspace are unable to turn down free press, we agreed to be on their show.

Make: Live had done a first Hackerspace Roadshow this last year, profiling a number of other hackerspaces around the United States, including our sister (cousin?) space in San Francisco, Noisebridge. This time, they profiled Ace Monster Toys (of Oakland!), Hive13 in Cincinnati, Perth Artifactory in Perth, and Tokyo Hackerspace in, you guessed it, Tokyo! A little more international this time.

For the show, they asked us to give a brief tour of the space, show our coolest tool, maybe give a little history, and then show some projects. I gave the tour (under some duress) and Stacy, Chris, and Atom Bomb all showed their projects (which are far cooler than my touring ability).

You can see all of the shows right now on the Make: Live web page. The videos are also up on Youtube. I've put the AMT video inline below or you can watch it there.

I also want to say, for the record, that the truth of samsaric suffering is revealed when you are forced to watch a video of yourself.

-- Al

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