Hackerspace Holiday Party! December 12th - 6pm-9:30pm

First Sewing Class

So the first basic sewing class was today. Fun was had project were made. I worked out a few things and will be holding basic sewing on a regluar basis. Look on the calendar for more textile classes soon.
basic sewing class

Ace goes to Night School again!

Just like last month, we are going to make an appearance at Chabot Space & Science Center's after-dark program, "NightSchool". Scroll down a bit to see the previous posting. Several members visited last time, it's an awesome event and cheap, and did I mention there's booze? You can buy tickets online or at the door, check out their website for more info:
Hope to see you there!

Ace Monster Toys at night

"NightSchool" at Chabot Space & Science Center


Ace Monster Toys members will be showing off their projects on Friday night. There will also be a lot of other cool stuff going on, I recommend everyone to visit! It's sort of a mini maker faire, but for 18+ only.

NightSchool at Chabot Space & Science Center is a new themed event series for adults.  Friday, March 16, 7-11pm, earn some of life’s Extra Credit and experience the future at Chabot.   Fly futuristic quadcopters; play a robotic glockenspiel; be a space tourist;  join conversations about 10000 year clocks, starships and space elevators; build Lego, alien and virtual worlds; foretell your future; immerse yourself in a star show and ask yourself and others the question, “what if?” NightSchool will  examine the future from many angles including scientific, spiritual, technological and philosophical.  What better place to toy with big kid questions than at a super cool science center with colossal telescopes, fascinating exhibits, great food, drinks and plenty of friendly smart people to postulate with!  For details and event schedule visit www.chabotspace.org/nightschool

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