AVR/Arduino Wens. night

On 8/3 from 7pm-9pm I will be holding a general workshop on AVR/Arduino. Come get help with your project, or if you are completely new, we have kits available that are easy for beginners to assemble, and will get you started in the microcontroller/Arduino world.


I am also considering teaching PCB design, if enough people are interested. If you are, please download Eagle CAD, available free for Win/Mac/Linux, and we'll go over the basics.

Laser Bonanza

See some of the many things output by our laser cutter!

Installing Shelves

Some industrious Ace Monster Toys members are in the process of installing two sets of large sturdy shelves, to provide storage space for members. This will help reduce the clutter, and increase the usuable work area of the space. Once they are fully installed and achored down, space will be available for a small one time fee to help recoup the cost of materials.

Main Laser Turn On

We have successfully fired the laser! And cut some awesome shapes from cardboard! Anyway, I think some more calibration might be needed, I felt like it took too much power to cut the cardboard. And there's some issues with the z drive skipping, which hopefully will all be fixed just with some application of quality oil. Here's a video clip of a moose being cut out:

Python cancelled tonight! (6/21)

Sorry folks, I'm cancelling tonight because I have to deal with this:

See you next week, when we talk about mysql.

We have laser!

Our Exlas 1280 laser has arrived from China. It came in a very large crate to the Port of Oakland this morning, which was then transported to the space by David, Stefan, and Aaron. Al helped with the unboxing and it was moved into the space.

The laser is currently in the back room of the downstairs shop area. David and others plan to run tests to check all of the wiring and connections before it is powered on at all. At that point, we'll align the beam and do a number of test cuts. People should expect that it will be at least a week before it is available for cutting.

A reminder that there is a wiki page with details on costs, etc. including the laser manuals that people will be expected to read! Prepare yourselves!

We also need suggestions on what to call the laser. "Big Red" is right out.

 - Al

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