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Zcorp z402 powder printer acquired


Ace Monster Toys may be down a laser right now, but we have acquired a Zcorp z402 powder printer. This prints 3D objects with various powder materials. There are groups at UC Berkeley and the University of Washington experimenting with alternative materials and hacking these printers as well.

Stefan, our resident Romainian, went down to Long Beach to pick this bad boy up. We found it on Ebay for a steal and did a pledge drive to acquire it with a bunch of people chipping in. The best proposed name for this machine so far is "Dusty."

We had this to the large CNC router we acquired last month and the currently needing a new laser tube 80w laser cutter, thus improving our available tools at AMT!


Laser is down

We had a short in the laser tube a bit over a week ago. Until we get a replacement tube from China (or locally) and do some diagnosis, the laser is offline.

Adam Savage on Why We Make at Maker Faire 2012

This is a wonderful talk by Mythbusters' Adam Savage from Maker Faire 2012 on why we make.

Maker Faire 2012


Maker Faire 2012 was another success for Ace Monster Toys. We had a booth at the 2012 Maker Faire all weekend, next to Noisebridge and other local and national hackerspaces.


A number of members volunteered to load items in and out, we had new banners made by Rachael with LEDs added by Chris, and brought the Glockenspiel, Book Scanner, and Shooting Gallery to display, along with Garratt's Bilibots and Aaron's hotwire cutter and lamp.

Al has a set of his photos up on Flickr and more should be forthcoming as well.


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