What's happening at AMT?

Here are a few pictures collected from our photostream over the last week or two:

Fixing Laser Tube Work on big CNC Arduino LCD hello, world Experiments in conductive thread

Open house July 18th 7-9:30pm!

We are throwing a full on open house complete with drinks and food. AMT hackers will be on hand to explain equipment and show off projects like:

  • Laser Shooting Gallery
  • Sous Vide (yummy)
  • Sewing with LED's
  • Lasers... cutting and etching things
  • Guido the CNC engraver
  • Midi controlled Glockenspiel
  • and whatever we get up to in the next month
  • Figure out what you might want to make next

Come on by learn about the space, meet the makers/teachers or just hang out and play a game! RSVP on meetup or on facebook! (rsvp not required, tell your friends, drop by!)

Radio Shack contest voting is live!

Vote! Team West: Byte Blaster

Byte Blaster 

A few months ago several members of Ace Monster Toys worked together to create a laser pointer shooting gallery as an entry into a Radio Shack / Popular Mechanics sponsored contest. If you saw our booth at Maker Faire then you saw the awesome results of that collaberation. Well, the contest is now live and I suggest you check out the voting site to give yourself and Ace Monster Toys a chance at $1000 prize.

Smaug Lives!

After some very careful bubble removing work (pictured above), we fired up the laser and it lased! We successfully burned a spot on a piece of paper. Still to do:

1. Hook up current meter, to ensure tube isn't being over-driven

2. Clean & Align mirrors & lens

3. Level the bed (might already be ok)

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