Tool Steward Opening

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We have the following openings for tool stewards:

AMT is seeking stewards for the following tools or areas:

  • Woodshop
  • Textiles/Classroom
  • Storage

Tool stewards are folks who are in charge of a area, tool or program and make a 3 months commitment to look after the area. We have a variety of new supports and tools to make being a steward is more fun and easier to do. Check out the wiki and talk to Crafty Rachel to learn more.

Join Us at East Bay Mini Maker Faire

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Visit Us at

East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2015
Sunday, October 18th

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New Directors Elected

The members met tonight and voted on the 3 open board seats.  The new directors are:
Atom Bomb
Steve Sidle
Drew Dibble
Congratulations to our new directors.  We're done with that now until December, when Rachel1.0 and Sergio's seats will be up for election. For more details on the poll results and information about the polling system used, see .

New Stickers Coming

Al made some new stickers for members (and to put on some of the equipment). ETA to arrival is end of June because the Stickerguy doesn't work quickly.

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