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Snake Time on Tuesday!

Guys, python night is on again tomorrow night. There's going to be snakes, and snakes. We're gonna talk about program structure, maybe some flow control, and all sorts of other nonsense. If that didn't make any sense to you, don't worry, it's still a beginner's class! We'll just have to kick those no-goodnik sandbaggers out to their own later class, if they keep showing up and asking their advanced questions about set theory and Big-O-Notation and runtime optimization.

The material I'm going to cover is roughly exercises 19 through 22 out of Zed Shaw's Learn to Fight Snakes The Hard Way. Try to read through it if you can, and bring questions!

I'm going to see about getting pizza again, so rsvp and so forth. Feel free to bring your own snacks (and even your own snakes, if you like), but remember, it's tough to get Cheeto stains off your keyboard.

So again, tl;dr:

Learn Python Something Something

7PM at 6050 Lowell

Open and free to all (but the quality of the pizza goes up and down with the size of the donations)


Air Transportation?

Do we have planes on which to put these snakes?


not sure they'll board without samuel jackson...
oh yeah, +1

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