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Learn Google Sketchup!

Join us at Ace Monster Toys on Monday, August 22 at 7:00 PM for a free public class on 3d modelling using Google Sketchup.

Sketchup is a free (sort of) cross-platform 3d modelling program which is great for quickly turning your ideas into reality.

 What will be covered:

  • Installing and configuring Sketchup
  • Use of each standard tool
  • Creation and manipulation of various shapes and primitives
  • Maintaining model integrity
  • Exporting models for laser cutting / 3d printing

 What may be covered depending on time/interest:

  • Exporting scenes for 3rd party rendering
  • Creating blueprints of your model
  • Gears and Joints

 What you should bring:

  • Yourself!
  • A laptop with Sketchup so you can follow along

 Cost: FREE! If you learn something you find useful donations to AMT are always accepted! If I make you stupider, you get nothing. Sorry.

How to RSVP: Our meetup page, so we know how many people to expect

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