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Heeeeere's Guido!

Finally, the big moment everyone's been waiting for: I present to you, GUIDO!

Guido being Al's Zen Toolworks CNC machine, of course.

It is alive and kicking; as you can see it scribbled something on this piece of wood last night:

Guido at work 

Heiko and I were there to witness it, I even took some video, but I'm not sure where to post it yet.

I have updated Guido's page with some overview info on how to make it bore out your own design. Check it out (it is very high level at the moment, but will add more as I set up our systems specifically for Guido): 

Quick update! -clamps are in! they are 6mm t-slot clamps that can be used with Guido's platform. These should hold down pretty much anything you can machine on this machine (wood, aluminium, plastic, etc.)

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