Hackerspace Holiday Party! December 12th - 6pm-9:30pm

Featured in Circuit Cellar

Ace Monster Toys was just featured on the website of the classic embedded electronics magazine, Circuit Cellar. As of this post we are the top item on their homepage, but here is a direct link to the article.

Raising money for a CNC Mill

We're raising money to buy an awesome CNC Mini Mill, for creating custom machined metal parts. We have enough people interested that it sounds like we can get the money pledged, so click on the CNC below to donate now! You will only be charged if we collect enough donations to buy the machine, so there's no risk. In addition, due to our recently obtained 501(c)3 status, donations will likely be tax deductable (talk to your accountant etc), so really it will hardly cost you anything!

3D Printing Filament Update

Thanks to everyone who contributed, we were able to buy five 1kg spools of plastic. The 3d printer is getting some good use these days, here are some of the objects being cranked out. This is the stuff left behind so I can only assume there is even more awesome things being made that people are taking home.

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